Enabling tech transformation to be human centered

  • Context
  • Our Solution
  • The Sprint

A large life insurance company was going through its modernization journey which included launching of multiple digital products as well as reviewing their IT systems & processes and rationalizing them.

The client wanted the IT transformation be human centered and partnered with us on the journey of developing client centricity.

We facilitated a Design Sprint focused on two areas - Policy issuance and Payments. The Sprint focused on Empathize, Define and Ideate stages.

In the Empathize stage, the teams worked on refining their User Personas and prepared the journey maps of their end-customer’s interaction with the products of the company. This helped them understand the customer’s pain points and drove home a realization that there is a greater need to make the current processes client centric.

As part of Define, the teams generated How-Might-We statements based on the user insights that they gained as part of the Empathize. Some of the HMWs that emerged were -

- How might we make payment options available known so that offline users have a better experience in making payments?
- How might we streamline the medical process for an NRI customer so that they have a seamless issuance experience?

The teams used Brain Writing technique during the Ideation phase to generate a significant number of ideas which could then be fleshed out further.