An Indian MNC focusing on Education and Healthcare was looking to accelerate it transformation journey by developing an innovation mindset among its people

  • Looking to build First Mover advantage
  • Augment customer centricity across the organization
  • Bring in a culture of creative problem solving, collaboration and design thinking across the organization

Our Solutions

The teams fleshed out the personas of their customers through deep dive user interviews. This helped them sharpen the problem statements/ design challenges.

The Sprint

Emerging How Might We statements

  • How-Might-We help senior citizens keep in touch with medical (and related technological) advancements?
  • How-Might-We improve the in-hospital experience for a Patient’s Caregiver (Family Member)?
  • How-Might-We help mid-career professionals identify the right skills/areas for upskilling?

These HMWs served as the primary focus for prioritising ideas and subsequent prototyping of solutions.