Helping an Analytics firm shape its Go to Market strategy

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Our client - a leading healthcare and customer analytics firm in the South Asian, ASEAN and US markets - felt the time was ripe to launch practical application based knowledge offerings. Their principal challenges included:

  • Being late market entrants.
  • Being unsure of customer segments, learning channels, course structure.
  • Not having clarity on what could differentiate them from other corporate players (domestic and global) and academic institutions.

Our approach

We focused on gaining a deeper understanding of the user or learner segments and subsequently designing relevant learner journeys.

Empathy research

Leadership vision informed the starting point for our empathy research. Thereafter, we anchored several user interviews with students as well as professionals who were building a career in analytics. This helped us understand and map the diverse learner personas, with a focus on their aspirations, challenges and needs.  Their current experiences with online certification programs, short duration formats and extended formats of in-person sessions was also explored, leading to learner journey maps capturing ‘moments of truth’ along a learning journey, that is, at the Discovery, Exploration, Sign-up, Pre-Learning, During-the-Learning and Post-Learning stages.

Defining the problem

Insights from our research helped shape the problem statement: How Might We  effectively address the current gap between knowledge and action for Functional SMEs and Analysts, to help them apply analytics in their day to day functioning?

Our proposed solution

Through the design sprint, we co-created the building blocks for the analytics offering, including:

  • Participant needs and capabilities assessments
  • Connect sessions
  • ILT workshops, online modules and post-workshop support
  • A knowledge portal

How did this help?

The building blocks were the basis for a marketing pitch which won our client a contract as the strategic analytics partner for a leading automobile player.

In addition, our client created an Analytics Capability Maturity Model, setting up an Analytics CoE as well as driving Capability interventions for  Analysts and Functional SMEs.