SOCIAL RESEARCH: Applied Anthropology and Ethnographic research methods
We have anchored mixed methods research for: A global unicorn redesigning its Inclusion and Diversity strategy. A leading CSR foundation in India developing strategic HR capabilities. For India's leading skilling organization enabling livelihoods and micro-entrepreneurship during COVID-19. A Middle Eastern IT organization to understand how an in-pandemic future might look like: markets, cultures, and ways of working.
STRATEGY CONSULTING: Framing organizational strategies and structures
We have designed org, business and go-to-market strategies for: An early-stage start-up focused on AI-based edu-tech. A university looking to establish itself as a leading institution. A start-up at a point of inflexion and looking to scale up operations.
INNOVATION CONSULTING: Designing new services and processes
We have designed research and user experience led offerings for : A pharmaceutical organization seeking to go digital in its patient reach-out. An analytics and technology services company wanting to design data science courses. A global life insurance company seeking to understand their customers better and addressing pain points in the customer onboarding journey.
CHANGE & TRANSFORMATION ADVISORY: Transforming existing policies, processes and frameworks
We have co-created journeys of change and transformation with: A rural MSME focused on the agricultural ecosystem and building capabilities for complexity and scale. A mature global advisory organization embarking on a transformation of its business model. A multinational giant wanting to roll out a key performance management initiative in India. A leading payment solutions provider wanting to digitalize key employee processes.
DESIGN THINKING: Facilitating Design Sprints
We have facilitated user research, rapid ideation and prototyping for: A diversified business conglomerate wanting to revisit its learning academy. A leading payment solutions provider focusing on Design Thinking methods to address HR priority areas. A global unicorn redesigning its Inclusion and Diversity strategy.
LEADERSHIP COACHING: Supporting Transformation Journeys
Our credentialed coaches partner with leaders on their journey to transform and maximize potential for self, teams and businesses. Our coaching framework integrates and leverages Design Thinking principles and Coaching competencies to support transformation and innovation journeys for individuals and organisations. We have anchored context led coaching for an Indian public sector bank to support its senior workforce negotiate a hybrid physical-digital reality.