Pivoting to a platform-led business

key considerations

Through our research with global organizations at different stages of transformation, LagomWorks has developed an insight-led framework that spotlights key enablers to a platform led business model.

Align the organization structure with the go-to-market strategy
Build a business model relevant to clients, that enables innovation, and sustains agility. Strengthen business development to map diverse client needs. Invest in partnerships and alliances to strategically widen the portfolio of offerings. Relentless focus on customer success and value creation.
Manage your talent with flexibility
Source across channels - build, buy, borrow, bot. Encourage continuous learning and specialization. Foster fungibility across functions to provide end-to-end view. Align long, medium & short term goals vertically (across hierarchy) and horizontally (across business units). Strengthen managerial capability for talent discussions.
Reward for customer success
Evaluate cash based incentives as nudges to reinforce behaviours that add value. Reward for delivering end-to-end customer value rather than a single product feature. Design flexibility in employee benefits to meet the needs of a hybrid, gig, distributed workforce.
Create new connections
Foster cross functional teams to drive innovation. Be agile in structuring teams that are equipped and enabled to deliver on strategic priorities. Cultivate industry and developer-led engagements that source real-time feedback and facilitate adoption.
Adopt the platform mindset
Design fluid career paths that support multiple competencies and are aligned to meet career aspirations. Design for hybrid work and diverse work contracts Invest in T-shaped leaders. Attract, build and retain people with a platform mindset - customer success focused, agile and collaborative.