Everybody’s a Winner

How Unidimensional Scaling up as an Entrepreneurial Rite of Passage is Beginning to Be Negotiated. #entrepreneurship

Distributed Organisations

Seven key trends defining change (and innovation) within distributed organizations in a post pandemic reality. #futureofwork

Lost in Translation

Language serves as a measure of culture and inclusion in the world of Wikipedia. Yet this is trickier than we think. #digitalcultures

Reconfigured Entanglements

Becoming of Media and Piracy during the pandemic. #digitalcultures

Mixed Realities

Data walk reflections in locked-down London. #digitalcultures

Coming Up

#digitalcultures. Are big data judgements about health or personality more accurate than those made by humans? An anthropological critique in relation to the Quantified Self Movement. Paper by Abhishek Mohanty selected for publication in the forthcoming volume (Edition 13) of the SOAS Journal of Postgraduate Research (SJPR), the last seven editions of which have been published under ISSN 2517-6226.

#digitalcultures. Masks as and against the 'matter out of place'. Abhishek Mohanty and Gitika Saksena presented a research paper on the panel - Masks: the Face of COVID19 at the academic conference during 2021 Film Festival of the Royal Anthropological Institute (RAI) held in the UK in March 2021.

#digitalcultures. Gitika Saksena and Abhishek Mohanty will present their research paper titled 'Information, liable relations and wellbeing during COVID19' at the 2021 conference hosted by ASA (Association of Social Anthropologists of the UK) at University of St Andrews.

#digitalcultures. Gitika Saksena will present her research on the panel discussing 'Assemblages: algorithms, data privacy, and design' at the 2021 Response-ability Summit. This Summit brings together social scientists and technologists to build a future where socially-responsible tech is the norm. More at https://response-ability.tech