When Inclusion is about Participation

How Uber Tech in India is applying Design Thinking to craft a Diversity & Inclusion Agenda
Putting the C(culture) in CSR
The right culture is necessary for realizing CSR which supports real social innovation
Diversity and Inclusion: redesign the experience
Adopting a human-centered approach will entail fundamental shifts in an organization’s Diversity and Inclusion strategy
A distinct Employee Value Proposition
It is important to articulate the EVP in a manner which is truly distinct and relevant to the organization as well as its people
Digital led employee experiences
Artificial intelligence and robotic process automation will enhance employee productivity and experience
Enhancing employee experiences
While UX design is commonly applied to human-computer interactions, the principles are equally meaningful for the design of employee experiences
Pushing the boundaries of HR
Our experiences as customers are rapidly evolving with the advent of newer technologies and ecosystems. The experiences organizations offer to our employees need to keep pace.
Performance Management - Avatar 5.0
Each organization has to develop an approach tuned to its business conditions, organizational structures,talent pools, nature of work and what are the desired employee behaviors
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