Anthropology and Design Thinking

Is it time for a ‘designthropologist’ to work alongside the ‘designeer’?


Organization Cultures

Shifts in ecosystems require a holistic perspective on how organization cultures are represented as well as made meaningful for diverse stakeholders. At present, our research focuses on employer value proposition, values & beliefs, communities & microcultures and sustainability.

Innovating in Distributed Organizations

Seven trends defining change and transformation within distributed organizations in a pandemic reality.

Gender, Duty, and Unequal Balances During the Pandemic

What the turn to online education has meant for members of the faculty at an Indian business school

Lost in Translation

Language serves as a measure of culture and inclusion in the world of Wikipedia. Yet this is trickier than we think.

Putting the C (Culture) into CSR

The right culture is necessary for realizing CSR which supports real social innovation.


emic futures

The ways we work, learn, and thrive are continually evolving. The manifestations of these changes in the lived experiences today must be understood to make sense of the future. At present, our research includes work & ways of working, data & platforms, livelihoods and scale.

Livelihoods in delivery and logistics in India

Through research, we identified key opportunities to enable livelihoods in the sector.

Mixed Realities

Data walk reflections in locked-down London


Pivot to Platforms

Platforms are being positioned at the forefront of value creation and perhaps, even necessary for mere business survival. This transformation demands a redesign of talent strategies.

Transforming to a platform-led business model

Our insight led framework spotlights key considerations for organisations to build readiness.

Our team's publications in peer-reviewed journals :

SAKSENA, G. & A. MOHANTY 2022. Information, and liable relations of wellbeing during COVID19: An ethnographic exploration of disruption in London. 

SAKSENA, G. & A. MOHANTY 2021. Reimagining livelihoods : An ethnographic inquiry into anticipation, agency, and reflexivity as India’s impact ecosystem responds to post-pandemic rebuilding. 

Mohanty, Abhishek (2021) 'Opinion Piece: Are Big Data Judgements About Health Or Personality More Accurate Than Those Made By Humans? An Anthropological Critique In Relation To The Quantified Self Movement.' The SOAS Journal of Postgraduate Research, 13 (2019/2020). pp. 206-215.