We draw inspiration from the Swedish word lagom, implying simple, suitable and in balance.

We design simple, suitable and balanced services and solutions to enhance stakeholder experience...by adopting a blended approach of design thinking, research & consulting.


Enabling impactful stakeholder experiences. Crafting relevant and meaningful strategies, frameworks and processes.


Enabling not-for-profits and social enterprises to pivot and transform by building roadmaps, capabilities and performance.


Equipping the leaders of tomorrow with relevant tools and mindsets, through collaborations, research and design sprints.


LagomWorks in Action

For a well known Indian life insurance provider focusing on tech transformation.

The company was in the midst of launching multiple digital products & transforming IT processes. We facilitated a Design Sprint enabling customer centricity in design of Policy Issuance & Payments. 

For a leading healthcare & education org building an Innovation Mindset.

Facilitated a two day Design Sprint to solve org relevant use cases. Participants articulated needs, motivations  & challenges of stakeholders to generate ideas and create feasible prototypes.

For a global unicorn wanting to sharpen its Diversity and Inclusion strategy.

Empathetic Research revealed Personas of under-represented groups as well as groups in majority who could play a pivotal role in advocating D&I initiatives. Facilitated a Design Sprint to build shared perspectives.

For a global business conglomerate redesigning their Learning Academy.

Led extensive empathetic research to identify personas and critical touch-points for impact. Facilitated Design Sprints for co-creation of solutions. Collaborated to stitch the strategy together.

For a leading business school building Skills of the Future amongst its new batch of students.

Set the tone and tenor for the two years of MBA. We reinforced three key principles - there is no one right answer, things are interconnected and context is everything - through facilitation of Design Sprints.

For global HR Leaders of an Indian MNC driving business transformation.

Anchored a session on Design Thinking for global HR Leaders driving Business Transformation. through Digitization, Design Thinking and Defensibility. Focussed on application of DT to solve org relevant needs.

For a global Analytics Co. looking to leverage capabilities to offer open market analytics courses.

Facilitated a Design sprint to understand the core user segments and develop prioritised touchpoints for differentiated learning offerings.

For a top Indian business school creating pedagogy for Innovation as a specialisation.

Developed a course with socially  relevant design challenges as the pedagogic approach. Introduced creative, user-focused problem solving to the students.

For India's leading social incubator focused on aligning strategic intent & capabilities of incubatee enterprises.

Facilitated extensive empathetic research to  articulate inside - out and outside - in perspectives for prioritising areas of strategic focus and required org capabilities.

For a not for profit stengthening org capabilities to manage scale and complexity.

Anchored extensive fact-finding to facilitate design, implementation  and sustenance of key organization enablers, including culture, talent strategies, key performance indicators, org design.

For an Air Navigation Services Co. in the Middle East building a diverse Leader pool.

Designed a leader identification and development process which takes into account cultural nuances as well as individual motivations, challenges. Designed and administered Leadership assessment exercises.

For a German Manufacturing multinational building Leaders at all Levels.

Worked closely with the Global team to chart out a three module based 12-month-long Journey for Leaders across business and behavioural competencies. Designed and Delivered the learning intervention.