LagomWorks is an applied anthropology and ethnographic research-led design and innovation consulting firm.

We draw inspiration from the Swedish word lagom, implying simple, suitable and in balance. Our team of social anthropologists, design-researchers, organization designers and coaches is committed to holistic thinking and sustainable impact. Our clients and partners include organisations, universities, incubators, and social enterprises across India, the Middle East, and the EU.

What do we do?


Applied anthropology & Ethnographic Research

Through immersive research situated in wider socio-cultural contexts, we develop a deeper understanding of stakeholders (from customers to decision-makers), as also their motivations, aspirations, and challenges: why they do what they do. Our community insights inform the design and impact of products, services, policies and programmes.


Human and Ecosystem Centered Design

Rooted in immersive user research and co-creation, we facilitate ideation as well as prototyping of products, services, policies, and programmes.

By focusing on the intersection of user desirability, operational feasibility, economic viability, and socio-cultural sustainability, the design is relevant and sees better stakeholder adoption.


Culture and Roadmaps for Innovation

To support an ecosystem for innovation, we enable organizational and leadership capabilities, processes, and practices.

We do so by focusing on coaching, org design, structures as well as governance.      

Illustrations by Vidya Gopal

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How Unidimensional Scaling up as an Entrepreneurial Rite of Passage is Beginning to Be Negotiated
Innovation in Distributed Organisations
Seven key trends defining change (and innovation) within distributed organizations

Select Projects

Context led coaching for an Indian public sector bank to support its senior workforce negotiate a hybrid physical-digital reality.

Ethnographic research led insights for an Middle Eastern IT organization to understand how an in-pandemic future might look like: markets, cultures, and ways of working

Facilitating research and design choices for a mature global organization embarking on a transformation of its business model.

Ethnographic insights of migrant workers in India, including their aspirations, challenges, and socio-cultural milieus, to support livelihoods enablement across sectors in a post-Covid19 imaginary.

Core user segments for an Asian analytics company to target for a differentiated open learning courseware as a new market offering.

Enablers to realise and inhibitors to watch out for, as a private university in Rajasthan, India aims to be a higher education institution of choice.

Strategic human resource capabilities for a corporate social responsibility foundation in Mumbai, India.

Multi-modal wireframe sketches for a European fundamental medical research company seeking to go digital in its customer and community outreach.

Alignment on strategic intent and capabilities for three portfolio enterprises of a social impact accelerator in Bangalore, India.

Innovation capability building programmes at a financial services intermediary in NCR, India.

Cross-geography collaboration at a multinational technology organisation.  

Collaboration blueprint for an international investment bank building best in class tech enabled solutions.

Roadmap for diversity and inclusion going beyond mere ratios for a technology unicorn.

Improvements and innovation on customer facing processes and tools at a transnational insurance company.

Building an Innovation Mindset for a global healthcare & education organization.

New way forward for the corporate learning academy of a business conglomerate based in Mumbai, India.  

Core and elective credit courses and audit immersion workshops on applying ethnographic and design thinking in business and for social innovation, at some of India’s best management schools.

Enabling Digitization, Design Thinking and Defensibility for the HR function in a global MNC driving business transformation.

Fact-finding, design, and implementation of next steps to manage project scale and complexity at an NGO in Andhra Pradesh, India.

Diversified pool of leaders identified for a customer-focused future at an air navigation services company in the Middle East.  

Building Leadership at all Levels for a German Manufacturing multinational.

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