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LagomWorks is an interdisciplinary research and design firm. We draw inspiration from the Swedish word 'lagom', implying simple, suitable and in balance. We work with organisations that prioritise meaningful, contextual and sustainable actions.

What do we do?


Contextual Research

Our research brings together the scale of data analytics and the depth of anthropology. We enable you to develop a deep understanding of the lived experiences of your stakeholders and users.


Ecosystem Centered Design

By focusing on the intersection of desirability, feasibility, viability, and sustainability, we collaborate with you to design innovative products, services, policies, and programmes.


Organizational Transformation

To support an ecosystem for innovation, we enable organizational and leadership capabilities, processes, and practices. We do so by focusing on leadership coaching, org design, and change management.  

Illustrations by Vidya Gopal

#research4outcomes volume 6 explores the lived experiences and meanings of equality and belonging in the workplace. We offer insights on the cultural enablers of E&B, and highlight action areas for organizations to take into consideration.
#research4outcomes volume 5 highlights the meanings and experiences that employees seek from their workplaces. We outline key aspects of homes and offices that can serve as design principles for organizations.
#research4outcomes volume 4 highlights findings from our research on businesses undergoing transformations to become platform-led. We outline key considerations for organizations as they pivot to platforms.
#research4outcomes volume 3 foregrounds insights from our recent leadership coaching engagements. We identify four key enablers for leaders to drive change sustainably.
#research4outcomes volume 2 spotlights the insights drawn from our work across various organizations, particularly centered on the digital and technology talent in India.
#research4outcomes volume 1 focuses on insights from the telemedicine sector in India: the landscape, the actors, the design of technologies and the socio-cultural influencers.

Select Projects

We facilitated collaboration between the academia and startup ecosystem for a leading business school in the Middle East.

We anchored research and redesign of ways of hybrid working for a cybersecurity startup to help it get ready for global scale.

We designed elements of a meaningful high performance culture for a global analytics business for it to keep pace with the changes in business and markets.

We facilitated context led coaching for an Indian public sector bank to support its senior leaders negotiate a hybrid phygital reality.

We anchored ethnographic research led insights for a global tech organization, based in the Middle East, for it to understand how the pandemic was influencing its ways of working and work processes.

We enabled market research and design choices for a leading global advisory organization embarking on a platform-led transformation journey.

We carried out ethnographic research for a social impact organization focused on livelihoods to understand the on-ground realities and socio-cultural milieus of migrant workers in India.

We identified key user segments for an Asian analytics company for it to develop a differentiated open learning courseware as a new EdTech market offering.

We worked with a private university in Rajasthan, India and co-created a stakeholder-led strategy for it to realise its vision of becoming a higher education institution of choice.

We designed a strategic human resources process and capability roadmap for a corporate social responsibility foundation based in Mumbai, India.

We adopted design thinking to develop multi-modal wireframe sketches for a European fundamental medical research company seeking to go digital in its customer and community outreach.

We anchored research and ideation for an impact accelerator in Bangalore, India to enable its portfolio startups align their strategic intent and org capabilities for growth.

We designed and anchored innovation capability building programmes for a financial services intermediary in NCR, India.

We anchored stakeholder research and design to build a cross-geography collaboration roadmap for a multinational technology organisation.  

We facilitated design of a collaboration blueprint for an international investment bank building best-in-class tech enabled solutions.

We adopted design thinking to facilitate user research and group ideation, and designed a contextual diversity and inclusion roadmap for a technology unicorn.

We facilitated design sprints for a transnational insurance company to identify innovation opportunities across customer facing processes and tools.

We facilitated design thinking learning sessions to enable a global healthcare & education organization build an Innovation Mindset.

We anchored user research, ideation and prototyping to design a New way forward for the corporate learning academy of a business conglomerate based in Mumbai, India.  

We take core and elective credit courses, and immersion workshops on applied anthropology and design thinking at some of India’s best management schools.

We collaborated with the HR function of a global MNC on its journey of driving business digitization, design thinking and defensibility for transformation.

We anchored fact-finding, design, and implementation of org development processes to help a non-profit manage its project scale and increased complexity.

We collaborated with an air navigation services company in the Middle East to identify a diversified pool of next-gen leaders for realising a customer-focused future.

We facilitated capability building sessions for a German Manufacturing multinational to enable Leadership at all Levels.

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